Playground: Layouts

Layouts in Playground Web, are templates administrators can create for their centres to use when programming and planning. These can be shared with whole providers or individual centres, even Xplor has created some layouts for you to use!  


Creating a Layout

You can create a Layout to be used in Documentation, Canvas and Tables.

  1. Login with super administrator credentials or provider level credentials. The credentials you use will determine whether the layout is available at a Provider or Centre level. 
  2. Click "+ New" in the Documentation, Tables or Canvas tab
  3. Select "+ New Layout" 
  4. Create your Layout
  5. Click "Save as Layout"


This will then be available to your Educators when they click "+ New" under your provider/service name. It will only be shared with Educators at your provider/service.

Editing a Layout

You can edit or copy a layout in the Documentation, Tables & Canvas menus. The process to follow is the same in each case:

  1. Select "+ New"
  2. Click on the three dots of an existing layout, then click either 'Edit Layout'
  3. Make the required changes, then use the 'save' option in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Copying a Layout

You can make a copy of a Layout within a service, or make a copy to a specific service while logged in as a Provider.

  1. When pressing on the three dot menu of a Layout, select 'Copy Layout'
  2. To copy a Provider level Layout to a specific service you will need to select the services you wish to copy to, otherwise simply copy a service level Layout within the same service
  3. Your copy will be immediately available to edit and use!