Playground App: Tips & Tricks



The Observations tab can be used for more than just observations! Other ideas include:

  • Share photos and videos of the child’s day
  • Sharing meal photos
  • General parent communications


Set Educator permissions in Office to determine whether Observations post straight to the parent, or Need Review in Playground Web first

Have children without photo permissions? Upload profile photos in Office for children who do, and leave out those who don't. Educators will notice this straight away, without needing to click into the profile.

Want to be able to edit an Observation in Playground Web or other devices later, but don't want to send the Observation out to any parents? Tag the demo child (there is one for every service under 'Other Children' and post. This will post the Observation to the cloud, without sending it to real parents. When you edit it later, you can untag the demo child, and tag the real child instead.