Office Web: Settings (Online Enrolment Form) - How to customise



Xplor Office allows you to customise your Online Enrolment Forms.

      1. Find your form under Settings > Service Settings > select the service > Enrolment
      2. To customise, scroll down to 'Custom Enrolment Settings'
      3. You can select which sections you would like to edit, or add a new one: Child Details, Parent Details, Emergency Contact, Declarations, '+' Add New
      4. To edit existing subsections, titles, or questions, select the pencil icon next to the text you want to edit.
      5. Choose the validations for each subsection: Title visible? Required field?
      6. If you wish to add additional subsections, select from the toolbox
      7. Once you are finished designing your form, preview before saving




Adding fields which do not exist in Office will not create new fields in the Child Profile. The information will be saved in the enrolment form.