Digital Enrolment Forms

Office allows you to create and customise your Digital Enrolment Forms which are shared with families to collect information during the enrolment stage and helps reduce the amount of storage required by your centre as these forms are house under the child's profile once completed.


This is currently available on the Office Essentials package. If you are unsure about your access to custom enrolment forms, or would like to upgrade your package, please reach out to your account manager.

Navigating the Form

You can find your form under Settings > Service Settings >  Enrolment > Custom Enrolment Settings

The Navigation panel allows you to:

  • Create a page
  • Select a page to make changes
  • Save the form you are currently working on
  • View previously saved versions
  • Load previously saved versions
  • Export as PDF
  • Build reports


If you make any mistakes, you can select ‘Undo’ or 'Redo' from the orange buttons in the navigation panel. Please ensure you regularly click ‘Save Form’ to ensure any changes you make are captured.


Customising the Form

Once you're in a page, you can:

  • Edit fields by selecting the pencil icon. This will bring up a pop up which allows you to make details changes to your questions.




The "Name" section on this field indicates the custom enrolment form question, which is primarily used for reporting purposes. The "Title" section is what is displayed to families on the final form.
We recommend using single word or short phrases for your 'Name' section to ensure reporting on your customer enrolment forms is simplified.
Any changes made to Name/Title fields which do not exist in Office, will not create new fields in the Child Profile. The information will be captured in the enrolment form and the reports available.


  • Move fields around by selecting the field and using the three orange lines in the top right corner to change the position. This will also reorder the numbers correctly for you, automatically.


  • Hide a field from view on your form, using the eye icon. If this is shown with a strike through it, this indicates that this question is not visible on the form for families.
  • Make a question mandatory for your families, using the exclamation mark. If this is shown with a strike through it, this indicates that this question is not mandatory on the form for families and they can submit without answering.
  • Delete a question from your form using the cross icon. This will remove the question from your form entirely.


  • Add and remove additional rows/columns including an 'Other' option, as needed to support your data entry.


  • Use logic to control whether your families see a question, based on their previous responses.



You can add additional fields to the enrolment form by using the ToolBox located on the left hand side of the form.



Selecting any one of these options will create a new field on the form. 

Single input This option will give you a one line text box;
Checkbox This option auto-populates a 3 item list with checkboxes. Click on Edit > Choices to make changes to the names or add/remove entries;
Radiogroup This is the same output as the previous option, but with radio buttons instead of checkboxes. It's the same functionality as the previous option to edit;
Dropdown This creates a one line field in a dropdown view. Click on Edit > Choices to change the available items
Comment This option creates a text box for the parent to populate. Click on Edit to change the size of the text box

This creates a checkbox that, if ticked, displays as ‘Yes’. 

HTML This tool is multi-purpose. It allows you to copy and paste text into a read-only format, as well as linking to websites or to additional forms and add logos and images. We recommend using this interactive guide if you need assistance with building HTML elements. 
Multiple Text This gives you 2 lines of text boxes, and you can use Edit > to add additional rows, change the formatting, or change the input of the field/s. This can be used to capture a signature and date for example.
Matrix This gives you a 3x2 matrix of radio buttons. Select Edit > Columns / Rows to edit these fields.


Distributing your Form

You can share a direct link to your form by sharing the hyperlinks featured under the header, Enrolment and Waitlist Links. You can also use the widget code to add these forms to your website.Screen_Shot_2021-12-02_at_4.58.50_pm.png

Custom Enrolment Reporting

There are currently two reporting options available for custom report forms. These can be downloaded in Settings > Service Settings >  Enrolment > Custom Enrolment Settings and are located n the right hand side of the navigation panel.


  • Custom Enrolment Report - This report displays all the fields, both Xplor created and custom created, in a spreadsheet with parent data available for all active children who have filled out the most recent version of your centre's enrolment form.

Custom Enrolment Report.csv

  • Custom Field Details - This report provides a summary of the questions currently being used on your most recent enrolment form. This report lists the question name, the title displayed to parents when completing the form and the description.

Custom Field Details Report.csv