Release Notes: 18th April 2019

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Features & Enhancements

Bulk Statements and Statement SMS 


  • We are pleased to announce the ability for users to Bulk Email and SMS statements.

    • Bulk Email will send the selected or all parents an email with their statement as a PDF for the current billing period.

    • Bulk SMS allows you to send parents an SMS notification upon sending an SMS email, notifying them that they can check their inbox or Office for their statement.

    • To access Bulk Email Statements: Navigate to Financial > Parent Accounts > Bulk Email Statements and select from either all parents or only those selected in the list.

    • To access Statement SMS: Navigate to Dashboard > SMS Booster Widget. In settings choose: "SMS Statement Notification". This will trigger every time the Bulk Email Statements button has been used in accounts when enabled.

Master Roll 2 - Audit Log


  • The Audit Log on the Master Roll allows administrators to view any creates, updates and deletions, of bookings that have been performed on the Master Roll.

    • Clicking on an entry in the Audit Log will bring up a detailed view including each individual change performed by that one action for multi-add or delete operations.

Playground Web - Enhanced Search


  • The enhanced search in Playground Web now allows educators to search for children, rooms, educators, documents, plans and observations.

    • Searching for a child, room or educator will also allow you to view any tagged plans, observations or documents for that relevant child, educator or room.

Playground App - Observation Comments


  • Observation Comments are now able to be made and viewed by Educators via the Playground App.

    • Comments made by parents through the Home app, or by Educators and Administrators via Playground Web are visible across all platforms. 

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