Playground Web: Tips & Tricks




  • Type ‘@’ and then begin typing the name of an Educator, Room or Child to quickly tag
  • Type ‘#’ and then begin typing a key word from a Learning Outcome to quickly tag
  • Bulk tag children: When you add an Observation or published Documentation to Canvas, it tags all the children (and learning outcomes) already tagged in the Ob/Doc in the Plan. It's quick to tag whole rooms in the Playground App - have an Observation saved under the title 'Our Room' that has all the children in the room tagged, and add it to any Plans for that room to bulk tag the children without dropping them into the Plan again
  • Press ‘Ctrl + Z’ to undo (Microsoft) or ‘Command + Z’ (Mac)
  • ‘Ctrl + Y’ to redo (Microsoft) or ‘Command + Y’ (Mac)
  • ‘Ctrl + P’ to print (Microsoft) or ‘Command + P’ (Mac)
  • ‘Ctrl + A’ to select all (Microsoft) or ‘Command + A’ (Mac)
  • Backspace or 'Delete' to delete
  • Double click a shape to add text