B2B Device Registration

When you migrate to Xplor, you will need to create a new B2B device. Your existing device will need to be deactivated via PRODA. 

We will need the following codes: 

  • Person ID/Management & Control Person ID (This is a 10 digit number and normally starts with '01' e.g., 0127492083)
  • CCS Provider ID (Your CCS Provider ID will have 9 numbers starting with a '1', and will end with a letter. E.g., 190028378T). This is distinct from your CCS Service ID.
  • PRODA RA Organisation/Org ID (Your Org ID (Organisation ID) is 10 digits long, and only contains numbers. E.g., 3639204739).
  • Device name (new services with Xplor need to set up a new device name in PRODA. E.g., XplorDevice).
  • One time activation code for device (this needs to have been generated for the new device name, e.g., 6oYIX0KQI4).

Registering Xplor as a B2B Device

You will need to go through the PRODA government website to register Xplor.

STEP 1: Log in


Log in to the PRODA website.

STEP 2: Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged-in, you should now be presented with the below screen. Please click on 'Organisations' in the top right tool bar.


STEP 3: My Organisations


You should now be presented with the below screen.


Select your organisation from the table by clicking on your organisation's name. You should now have the “Proda Org ID” displayed. Write this down for use in the following steps.


STEP 5: Register New Device

At the bottom of this page you should now see the B2B Devices section, this is required for the next steps.

Now click on the “B2B devices” section and click on ‘Register New B2B Device’ button.


STEP 6: Device Name

Enter a device name, we suggest using the name ‘Xplor’. If you’d like you can also add a description but this is optional.


STEP 7: Registration Receipt

Once this step has been completed, write down the ‘Device activation code’ that appears for use in Xplor. You also have another opportunity to write down your Device Name and Org ID from this screen.

The activation code will expire, so please ensure you complete the following steps in a timely manner.


Please note, due to government requirements you will have to re-register Xplor as a B2B device every 6 months. Therefore, it is recommended you save your Person ID in a safe location for future usage.

Have more questions? Check out our CCS Resource Centre.