Release Notes: 12th April 2019

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Features & Enhancements

Playground Web - Observations

  • Create/Edit/Delete: Now available to Service, Provider and Super Admins.

  • Editing: The edit link in the top right of the modal has been removed. To edit an observation, please go through the `...` options menu on a particular observation.

  • Modal is now wider and only shows one scrollbar

  • Approve menu option is now only available in the `Needs Review` observation tab

  • Learning outcomes in edit page no longer overflow the boundary of the form

  • The `New` observation card should only appear in the 'Published' tab

Playground Web - Child Profile

  • Children cultural background is now displayed correctly. Previously all children were being shown as Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander

Playground Web - Media Library Uploader

  • Auto fetch more when the user scrolls to the bottom

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