Release Notes: 5th April 2019

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Features & Enhancements

Playground Comments

  • Parent Comments in Observations: View and respond to parent comments on observations from within Playground.

Master Roll 2 Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Booking Errors: Any errors will now be displayed in red on the Master Roll. Red errors will also display the cause of the error when clicked on in an alert box on the booking popup.

  • Sort by age: Previously it would consider '10' and '11' to be variations of the number ‘1’, instead of whole numbers. This is now fixed.

  • Update Accounts: Is now found in the new Master Roll in the right-hand sidebar under Sidebar > Tools > Account Tools > Update Accounts. Please note, you will need to first select children from the Master Roll before clicking on update accounts.

  • Update Bookings: Is now found in different locations depending on if your service uses Fee or Room hours to set booking hours and submit CCS:

    • Rooms: Settings > Room Settings > 'Update Bookings' in the top right-hand corner.

    • Fees: Settings > Service Settings > Fees > Fee List in the right-hand corner of the fee-list.

    • You will need to specify an effective start-week (Monday), and the tool will update all bookings with the respective changes to the room/fee hours until the last booking in the system.

  • Search Filters now also filter the list of children, not just the bookings while displaying all the children.

  • The financial summary top bar will only show for people who have the 'Financial' user permission enabled. To disable this top bar navigate to Profiles > Administrators > Select an Admin > Permissions > Untick the 'Financial' Permission.

  • Vacation Care term dates for OSHC has been moved from the prior location on the Master Roll to under Settings > Service Settings > Vacation Dates.

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