HUB: Parent Sign In / Out

The HUB is set up on the tablet available at your child's child care centre to assist with signing in and signing out your child. If this is your first time signing in, you need to first set up a PIN.

How to Sign a Child In/Out

On the tablet, tap "Parent Sign In"


Enter your mobile phone number and 4 digit PIN (if you have not set a PIN, follow our instructions on how to setup a PIN)


The children linked to your account will appear. Tap "Sign In" next to the child that is being signed in.


When all children have been signed in, select "Done"

Note: To sign out, repeat the steps above but select 'sign out' next to the child's name in the final step

Troubleshooting Hub Errors

Displays "No Children" when signing in

  • Check on that the children are correctly linked to your account. If they are not visible here, reach out to the centre admins to help link up to your profile.
  • If they are visible here, have the centre admins to reach out to support to troubleshoot this further as it may be a more complex data issue we will need to resolve. 

"Unable to create a sign in/out"

  • This occurs when the child being signed in does not have a current booking. While this sometimes will create a casual booking, if the centre admins have not set up the correct booking rules, the sign in will fail. An administrator will need to set these up to avoid the error in future.