Sign In/Out on the HUB

The HUB is set up on the tablet available at your child's child care centre to assist with signing your child in.

How to Sign a Child In

1. Click 'Sign In'.Screen_Shot_2021-05-25_at_1.35.56_pm.png

2. Enter mobile number and access code.


3. If you have logged in successfully in step 2, skip this step. If you've forgotten your code, or have not yet set up a phone number and access code, you can sign in using your email and password for the time being. Please ensure you have set your password up first. Click on "Forgot Code" then "Use Password". Enter in your email and password. 


4. When logged in successfully, parents will see a list of their children.


Children who have a booking for the day will appear under the "BOOKINGS TODAY" subheading. Children who do not have a booking for the day will appear under "NO BOOKINGS", and will be treated as casual sessions. If there is capacity to take the child in, parents will be prompted to select from the available sessions. If there is no capacity, parents will see an error message prompting them to speak with their administrator.