Training with Xplor

We provide free, unlimited access to training sessions and learning paths that cover a range of topics from Getting Started through to CCS actions, financial processes and even the parent experience!

Monthly Wrap Ups

Special webinar sessions are also held monthly to support learning of new features features being released. You can find information regarding the timings of these in our Monthly Wrap Ups articles or by pressing the lightbulb found on your screen with your Xplor software product.


Learning Paths & Supporting Materials

Below are recorded webinars with the attached supporting article to assist you with the processes covered.

We recommend working through these learning paths in the order outlined below BEFORE going live with Xplor products, as well as revisiting for a refresher when needed.

  1. Service Set Up
  2. Office Essentials
  3. Parent Accounts & Financials
  4. Managing DebitSuccess & Payments
  5. CCS in Office
  6. Playground App
  7. Playground Web
  8. Home App Parent Experience
  9. Custom Enrolment Forms

Booking a Training Session

We ask that clients to go through the program outlined above either during their formal onboarding stage or when they first begin using Xplor products at their current centre. You will need to have some contact with the software before booking in a session with the Training Team.

If you have accessed the learning paths above and are still finding processes difficult to understand or execute, you can book in a time with a Training Specialist at Xplor.

The team can then work with you and your colleagues to find out where they can help you refine processes to align with those of your centre and tailor your experience with Xplor products.

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