Office Web: Master Roll 2 Colour Key


We have ensured the colours used in the new legend are as close as possible to the previous legend that you are familiar with. You can view the direct changes below.

Each booking will now also be labelled with the type of booking, this is useful for administrators with colour blindness and ensures that you do not need to continuously refer to a legend.


To view the legend:

  1. Open up Master Roll 2
  2. Click the 'Any Booking' drop-down filter (located beneath the date at the top)



New Colour Benefits

  • The new booking and text colours now have a much higher contrast ratio, making it easier to read and helps to reduce eye-strain.
  • Master Roll 2 is compliant with international Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).
  • More inclusive to users with visual impairments.