Playground Web: Educators




The Educator Tab in Playground Web provides information on educator activity at a glance.

To access this information, log into Playground and use the left hand menu to find 'Educators'. 


Educator Tab

Clicking on this tab will give you an overview of the educators at your service, listed in alphabetical order.

This overview displays the educator’s role, how many observations, canvas, tables and documents they have created during the current month (indicated by the number next to the camera icon on the right-hand side of the screen), and how many health events they have logged for children (visible in the graph icon).



Individual Educator Information

Clicking on a specific educator from the overview, you will be able to see all the observations, canvas, tables and documents educator has created by date, from newest to oldest. The educator’s qualifications and contact information are also visible from here – click on the headers at the top of the screen to switch between these tabs. their learning outcomes and profile information.

Click on the headers at the top of their profile to switch between these tabs. 

Note: Edits or additions to Educator profiles can only be made in Office, please view our guide here for further assistance.