Viewing the Master Roll

In order to make using the Master Roll easier, there are multiple methods of searching, sorting and filtering bookings to narrow down what is viewable on the page. The following page runs through how to utilise these functions.


Searching By Name

To search by a child name in the Master Roll, click into the 'Child Name' bar at the top of the roll. Type in all or part of the child's name and click 'search' or the 'Enter' key.


Filtering Options

Master Roll allows users to reduce the list of bookings down to the criteria specified.

The list of filtering options are:

  • Room 
  • Booking Type
  • Child Age

To filter bookings, select the room, booking type or child age in the search criteria at the top of the roll. Click 'Search' or the 'Enter' key to search.


Sorting Options

In Master Roll, users can sort the list of children with ease. The order selected by an administrator will be the default sort order each time the Master Roll is accessed.

The list of sorting options are:

  • First Name (A-Z or Z-A) 
  • Last Name (A-Z or Z-A)
  • Age (ASC or DESC)
  • Birthday (Soonest to Latest) 

 To sort the order children appear, select the criteria by which to filter using the drop down at the top of the Master Roll.