Office Web: Master Roll 2 FAQ




When is Master Roll 2 being released?

The change will happen after midnight 29th March, and will be ready for use by all services on  Monday 01st April 2019. 


What problem is Master Roll 2 solving?

Master Roll 2 will provide more visibility in what actions are taken within the platform. A much-needed user-interface update to a key component that is used daily in the Xplor platform will make everyday tasks easier for Master Roll 2 users. 

Below is a list of features that will help streamline daily tasks:

  • Centre summary bar
  • Days till next birthday for a child (so can change rooms for children)
  • Delete preview and confirmation of bookings
  • Filter by name, room selector, booking type, age - can also use search history to save previous searches
  • Logs - will show who each user who is adding, deleting or modifying bookings   
  • Multi-add absences and holiday booking types
  • New icon links inc. finance, subsidy, health and contacts
  • Notifications - booking requests (action from notification tab)
  • Settings - toggle on 7-day view, toggle on/off child pictures, auto expand sessions
  • Sort roll by the first name, last name, age - younger to older/older to younger and days to birthday high/low
  • Tap child to see a quick summary view of a child's profile
  • Warnings for overlapping bookings or duplicate bookings 


Will Master Roll 1 still be accessible?

No - Master Roll 2 will completely replace Master Roll 1. Therefore, the old layout will not be accessible as of the 01st April 2019.