Release Notes: 15th March 2019


This Week's Updates 

CCS Enrolment Occurrences

From this week, all Administrators will be able to view CCS Enrolment Occurrences from the CCS Enrolments screen. From here, you can view the occurrences of a single enrolment, including any ceased periods.

Occurrences show the start and end dates of an occurrence along with the status of the enrolment: Confirmed, Pending, Pending Eligibility, Disputed or Rejected. In the event an occurrence has been ceased, the status at the time of cessation will be displayed.



Force Submissions

In conjunction with viewing occurrences, we have released functionality to force a CCS submission through for a particular week for a specific enrolment. From the CCS Submissions screen, you will now have the option to choose between "Run" and "Force" submissions.

Force submissions will allow you to run a submission for a child for a single week against any enrolment that was active at that time, regardless of current status. This means that even if an enrolment is ceased you will still be able to run a submission if need be.