Office Web: Master Roll 2 Overview

The new Master Roll makes it easy to create, book, find and manage enrolments. From daily bookings to hourly management, CCS estimators, notifications, events, and allergies. Our mission is to make bookings and centre management easier.


Bulk Bookings

Save time, admin headaches and meet regulatory requirements with ratio management, easy submissions, and bookings. Xplor helps you simplify administration, streamline observations, improve planning and parent communication.


Booking Notifications

The Notifications dock is a great way for you to keep informed, manage settings and view changes to your roll. 

IMAGE: Master Roll 2 Notification Dock



Account Widgets

The Widget menu in Master Roll 2 is a convenient place to access important information about a child's account, that you’re likely to use every day. The widget shows Fees, CCS, Health and contact information.  

IMAGE: Master Roll 2 Widget