SMS Booster - Activation and FAQs



What is SMS for Office?

Services have the ability to turn on SMS notifications to parents for the following actions: 

  • Debt Notifications to parents - Actioned from the debtor's widget on the Dashboard.
  • Actioned Booking Requests to parents - Notifying parents of booking requests that have been actioned by the administrators.
  • Admin Posts to parents - Using the Comms Centre, you can send an SMS to your parents.
  • Statement Notification - Notify parents their statement has been emailed to them.
How do I turn SMS on for Office?
  1. Log in to your provider-level administrator account through
  2. Go to the Comms Centre Tab.
  3. Click “Preferences” on the top right-hand side.
  4. Enable SMS Booster for admins.Screen_Shot_2021-06-08_at_9.58.53_am.png
How much does it cost to send an SMS in Office?

Australia: 15 cents + GST per SMS.

United Kingdom: 8 pence + VAT per SMS.

1 SMS = 160 characters in total.

If the message length is longer than 160 characters, you will be billed for another SMS. For example, a 200 character message will be billed as 2 SMS.

You will be billed monthly or as a part of your normal billing. If you have an auto-direct debit setup, this will be deducted automatically at the same time as your subscription.

What messages can be sent (with examples)? 
  • Comms Centre

An updated guide on How to Create an SMS through the Comms Centre.

  • Statement Notification

This will automatically send an SMS to parents about their statement when the Bulk Email Statement tool is used in Parent Accounts.

  • Allow Booking Requests

Booking request confirmations will automatically be sent when you action a booking notification from the Dashboard. 

Example SMS Text:
"[First Name], your booking request for [Child First Name] was just updated. Please login to Home for more info."

  • Bad Debtors

Bad debtor SMS are manually sent by you, by clicking the SMS icon from the “Top Debtors & Creditors” Dashboard widget.

This will notify the parent that they have overdue money owing to the service.

Example SMS Text:

"[Centre Name] has noticed your account statement needs attention. Please login to Home for more info."



Can we customise the SMS message content?

Messages from the following cannot be amended:

  • Top Debtors & Creditors Dashboard widget
  • Automated Statement SMS notification
  • Booking Request Notification

Personalised SMS will have to be sent from the Comms Centre.

Is there a maximum number of SMS I can send?

There is no maximum or minimum amount.

You can set the SMS limit in the Comms Centre Tab under "preferences".

The amount defaults to 1000 per month if no maximum is set up by the service. 

If a parent replies to the SMS, where does it go?

You will only be able to receive replies if the service has purchased a dedicated number through support. To learn more about viewing replies, see our message centre support page here.

If you have purchased a dedicated number, replies from your parents will be forwarded to your service email address. This email address is found under Settings > Service Settings > Click on your service > View the email registered in the 'Email' box under the 'Contact Details' heading.

If you have not set up a dedicated number, each SMS will come from a single number. Parents will not be able to reply to this number. 

What is a dedicated number?

A dedicated number is your own number that the SMS will come from. It ensures that your parents receive SMS from the same number each time and they can also reply to your SMS.

Please speak to Support about purchasing a dedicated number.

How much does a dedicated number cost and where can I purchase it?

A dedicated number costs $25 AUD / 14 GBP per month per number.

Dedicated numbers can be purchased by emailing Support at [email protected].