Lesson 5: Playground Web Walkthrough

This training session covers the practical ins and outs of Playground Web. We recommend all Educators watch this before they begin using Playground Web.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Dashboard: how to view Upcoming Plans, use site-wide search
  • Observations: how to edit, review, archive and create
  • Documentation: how to create layouts, how to add text, images, and collages, how to tag children and learning outcomes, how to add critical reflections
  • Planning: how to add shapes, clone shapes, add text, images, Observations and Documentation, how to tag children and learning outcomes, how to change colours and shape size
  • Child, Educator & Room profiles: how to navigate


To attend a live webinar, where you can ask questions and have the content better catered to you, register here.

You might also find this printable walkthrough guide useful.

Note: this video focuses on HOW to use Playground Web, not WHAT to use it for. If you would like some ideas around what you can create, or more insight into how the Planning Cycle can be completed through Playground, please see the other videos.