Lesson 5: CCS in Xplor

This session covers everything under the Child Care Subsidy tab. CCS is a complex rebate system, and attending this webinar will answer almost any question you could have about enrolments and subsidy for your children. This webinar is probably our most complex, but very important if you want to make sure that you are remaining compliant under CCS, and ensuring families receive the subsidy they are entitled to. It is essential you are familiar with how to create and monitor your enrolments.

You should sign up to this webinar when your families are active and enrolments are live in Xplor.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Understanding the Government Enrolments tab
  • Different types of enrolments
  • The steps parents need to complete to receive subsidy
  • Problem-solving common CCS issues
  • CCS compliance
  • CCS Submissions

*Please note*

This recording does not include a video. This is because everything under the Child Care Subsidy tab is pulled from PRODA and therefore contains actual government records. We would be unable to share these for privacy reasons.

We recommend you have your Child Care Subsidy tab and Government Enrolments screen open in Xplor whilst watching this webinar, so you can follow the steps.  


To attend a live webinar, where you can ask questions and have the content better catered to you, register here.