5. CCS in Office

This section covers the Government Enrolments tab and CCS Submissions tab. We will walk through checking and monitoring CCS enrolments, as well as the parent steps required.

It is essential you are familiar with how to create and monitor your enrolments as this will directly affect your family's CCS payments. Although submissions are automatic in Xplor, if any changes or adjustments have been made, this path also covers how to manually run or withdraw sessions.

You should view this section when your families are active and enrolments are live.

By the end of this section you should be able to complete the following processes confidently in Office:

  • Locate your centre's Government Enrolments 
  • Create a new government enrolment for a child
  • Identify what stage a child's government enrolment is currently at
  • Identify what action needs to be taken at each stage of the enrolment by the centre
  • Backdate a government enrolment 
  • Cease a government enrolment  
  • Check a child's entitlements and occurrences
  • View and filter your centre's submissions 
  • Manually run and withdraw session reports 
  • Troubleshoot CCS submission errors

For further assistance, you can click on any of the video titles which will take you to the relevant section in our CCS support article, which will detail the steps taken alongside images of the process.

Creating a new CCS Enrolment

CCS Enrolment Stages

Backdating Enrolments 

Ceased Enrolments 

Checking Entitlements and Occurrences

CCS Submissions

Filtering CCS Submissions for Errors

CCS Submission Actions