Parent Instructions: Adding Bank Details to Xplor


Please note that only primary carers can add and update bank details Please ask your childcare service if they have direct debit available before trying to add your bank details


Please note that you cannot currently add Bank Details through this can only be performed through

Adding New Parent Bank details:

  1. Primary carer login via using their email and password as previously set up. If they cannot login or have not set up their details, the family can contact the service and they can reset your password from their admin account.
  2. Once the primary carer is logged in, click on the "Auto-Debit Set Up" tab on the left hand menu.
  3. Add your banking information by setting up your account. If it comes up with "This parent ID already exists" please contact the service and the service can get in touch with support on your behalf to fix.
    (All this means is that the parent has previously registered with your payment gateway and we will need to link this previous registration with your current service.)
  4. Once you have saved your banking details successfully, this will send a notification to the administrator and the administrator can now set up the families preferred billing schedule/or the schedule required by the service.
  5. You can edit your banking details through this tab at any stage.
  6. Please get in touch with the administrator if you have any issues and they will be able to assist or get in contact with support on the families behalf.