Recording Bond Payments

If you would like to record a bond payment for a child please go to Financial > Bond Payments:

Enter the date > The child name > The parent name > The type of bond > Amount > Any comments you would like recorded on the statement > Click Add Payment. 

This will record the payment on the statement for the 'Date' that you entered in the transactions section of the printable parent statement. 

Once the bond has been returned you can repeat the same steps, only changing the date and the type of payment recorded. This will add a returned transaction to the statement and adjust the balance. 

You will still be required to perform the payment transaction with the parent outside of Xplor, Xplor will not transfer any money back to the parent within the software. 


If you would like to search for payments, please scroll to the section called "Existing Bond Payments".

You can search for any of the functions listed e.g. Date > Parent name > Child name > Type > Amount > Comments > Click Search to filter the list.