1. Service Set Up

This section covers the foundational processes you need to know to set up your centre in Office and manage it over time as rooms and fees are added or changed.

You should view this section before going live in Xplor. For new centres, you can also locate all our Onboarding resources here.

By the end of this section you should be able to complete the following processes confidently in Office:

  • Log in to Office as an Admin or Provider
  • Create and manage administrator accounts
  • Create and manage rooms
  • Create and manage fees
  • Create booking rules and manage your grace period settings
  • Access and share the link to your centre's digital waitlist form
  • Access, customise and share the link to your centre's digital enrolment form
  • Manually add a child and parent profile

For further assistance, you can click on any of the video titles which will take you to the relevant section in our knowledge base, which will detail the steps taken alongside images of the process.

Logging into Office 

Creating Admin Profiles

Creating Rooms

Creating Fees

Booking Rules & Grace Periods

Accessing your Waitlist Form

Accessing & Customising your Enrolment Form

Manually Adding Child Profiles