Playground Web: Children

You can use the Rooms Tab in Playground Web to see information about the children at your centre, at a glance. This information includes photo permissions, age, photos and linked learning documents.

To access the Children Tab, log into Playground Web on a desktop and use the left hand menu to find "Children". 



Children Tab

  • In this tab, you can view a list of the active children at your service.
  • If you click on a specific child, you will be able to see all the observations they are linked to, their health information, an analysis of their learning outcomes and profile information.
  • Click on the headers to switch between screen views.
  • Edits or additions to Children profiles can only be made in Office, if you need help with this you can view our guides here



I want to view an inactive child's profile on Playground Web, but they are not populating in the children tab?

You will only be able to view active children in the system. To view an inactive child - you will need to:

  1. Log into Office
  2. Navigate to the Profile>Children Tab
  3. Locate the child and enter their profile
  4. Move their status to active without changing their end date
  5. Press save
  6. Wait 15minutes
  7. Log into Playground Web
  8. Navigate to the Children's tab
  9. Locate the child (alphabetised by first name) and press on their name
  10. Collect the data you require
  11. Done

The child's profile will stay active in the system until the midnight of that same day and then will move back to an inactive status in the Office system, therefor hiding them from your Playground Web profile again.