Playground Web: Documentation



In Documentation you can create planning material to document your learning outcomes.

To access Documentation, click on 'Documentation' in the left-hand menu.

To create a Document:

  1. Click 'New'
  2. Select either a 'Blank Document' or 'Learning Story'
  3. Start creating. 



Handy Tips:

  • You can duplicate a Document created by any Educator by clicking the three dots on the right-hand side and selecting "Duplicate."


  • You can select the font size to the left of the page.
  • Add images by clicking 'Content' to the left of the page. You can add a 'Collage' of images (add multiple images at once); you can add one image by clicking 'Image'; and you can add a 'Video'.
  • Select from media that has previously been uploaded via an Observation or you may upload new images from your computer by clicking '+ Upload'. You can filter your media between 'Images' 'Videos' and 'Audio'. Add the media to the document by clicking it.
  • Drag the 'Collage' button to the document. This will allow you to add 4 pieces of media at once, please drag the 'Image' button to the collage square and you will be able to upload or select a previous observation to add to the collage.
  • Once the document is complete, select "Save" at the top right of the page to cement changes. Press "Publish" to enable other users to view the finished document and include it in your planning through Canvas. You will still be able to edit the document after saving and publishing.

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