3. Parent Accounts

This section will cover all things relating to parent accounts and financial actions. 

You should view or attend this webinar within two weeks of starting with us in order to best support your families and their accounts. 

By the end of this section you should be able to complete the following processes confidently in Office:

  • Locate and view your parent accounts
  • Create and add tags to parent accounts
  • View and download parent statements 
  • Add payments to parent accounts 
  • Add and delete single or reoccurring financial adjustments
  • Add and reverse balance adjustments

For further assistance, you can click on any of the video titles which will take you to the relevant section in our Office knowledge base, which will detail the steps taken alongside images of the process. 

Parent Accounts in Office

Creating and Adding Tags 

Parent Statements

Adding Payments

Financial and Balance Adjustments