6. Playground App

This section will guide you through the process of downloading and using our Playground App for Educators.

We highly recommend sharing this library with your Educators as their Educator accounts will need to be set up before you log in and use Playground App and this series goes through how to complete foundational educator tasks in Playground App.

This section should be viewed before going live with Playground App.

By the end of this section you should be able to complete the following processes confidently in your BMS platform and Playground App:

  • Create educator accounts and send password reset emails
  • Create and set up an educator account from a welcome email
  • Link an existing educator account
  • Mark attendances and absences for individual children and in bulk
  • Log health events, including toileting, sleep, sunscreen, medical and nutrition, for individual children
  • Log health events, including sunscreen and nutrition, in bulk
  • Create, save, bookmark, find and publish observations
  • Create, locate and sign incident reports 
  • Complete head counts by room and centre
  • Complete emergencies and drills
  • Create and duplicate transport lists 
  • Start, manage and end transport events 

For further assistance, you can click on any of the video titles which will take you to the relevant section in our Playground App knowledge base, which will detail the steps taken alongside images and videos of the process.

  Setting Up Educator Accounts

Logging into Playground App

Attendance Tab

Health Tab


Incident Reports

Head Counts

Emergency Lists

Transport Lists