CSS: Government Enrolments for the New Year

Your service must be registered for CCS as well as have had your CWAs released for the below steps to be actionable by your service. If not, please contact your onboarding account manager.

Here are the instructions for creating new CWAs for booking changes in the New Year:

Option 1) "Update existing enrolment schedule" 

For children with an existing enrolment at the service that only needs to agree to the new fees, hours or room bookings. Won't be required to complete a confirmation of enrolment in MyGov, as has currently got an active enrolment with the service.

- For example, this would be for children who have "CWA Confirmed" at your service.


In this case, you would click "Actions > Update Enrolment Schedule" ​​> The CWA will generate with the new bookings in the Master Roll if you have added them for the next few weeks > Alternatively, you can manually adjust the bookings in the schedule > Click "Save". 

​Parent only needs to confirm the CWA in Xplor (agrees to the new bookings, fees and charges on this document) does not need to do MyGov steps.

Option 2) "+ New CCS enrolment"

For entirely new children at the service with no previous enrolment or for children whose previous enrolment has ceased due to inactive bookings for 6 to 8 weeks at the service.

- For example, a child who currently has no CCS government enrolments in the Government Enrolments tab.

Screen_Shot_2018-12-20_at_7.19.02_am.png- For this type of child, ensure there are future bookings in the Master Roll within the next 6 weeks. Then, you'd​​ click "+ New CCS enrolment" > You can then add bookings to the schedule if required > Click "Create" and then "Done".

The parent will need to agree in Xplor to the CWA and then in MyGov to confirm the enrolment with the service. 

Please remember that you are only required to "create new enrolments" (Option 2) for children who have bookings within the next 6-8 weeks at your service. Further, you are only required to "update an existing enrolment" when a child has a booking change within the next 1-2 weeks.