CCS Enrolments in the New Calendar Year

If the child has an active CCS Enrolment, and will not have any updates in the their regular enrolment schedule in the new year, there is no need to take any action.  If the enrolment if active but the details need to be updated, head to option 1.

The government will automatically cease inactive enrolments after 14 weeks, so check on children that have not attended for an extended period of time. If the enrolment is no longer active and confirmed, head to option 2.


Option 1: Updating Existing Enrolment Schedule 
  • This option is for children with an existing CCS enrolment at your service and needs to have any updated fees, session days, session times re-approved. Click here for more info to update the enrolment schedule. 
  • Parents will not be required to confirm the enrolment on MyGov, as there is already an active enrolment. 
  • This option is for children who have a "CWA Confirmed" enrolment at your service  (see below).


Option 2: Creating a New CCS Enrolment
  • This option is for entirely children at the service with no active CCS enrolment (due to a ceased enrolment, or no previous CCS enrolment). 
  • Click here for more info on creating a new CCS enrolment. 
  • Once you have completed this, click here for parent steps. 
  • Only required for children who have bookings within the next 4 weeks at your service.