Incorrect CCS Annual Capacity

You may be seeing that some children have reached their annual capacity incorrectly. 

Why is the child showing they have reached the cap incorrectly?

  • This is due to a government error in their system causing a capacity to show for children who have not reached their capacity. Unfortunately, there is nothing Xplor can do to change this at the moment. 

Will they receive CCS subsidy if they have incorrectly reached their cap?

  • YES. If they have not actually reached their cap, the children will still receive CCS subsidy each week. What the cap will prevent is CCS estimates from appearing on the account statement for future weeks, which will make the statement look like their is no CCS subsidy coming through and will also cause the scheduled payments to try and take full fees. 

Why does this effect CCS daily estimates but not CCS Weekly payments?

  • This effects estimates but not CCS subsidy because we base the estimates off the entitlements the government sends to us. The entitlements are not sending through to us due to the error with the cap, so we cannot show estimates for these children.

What should I do to stop full fees from being withdrawn?

  • Please put a fixed limit on the scheduled payments. Please select the limit which represents the gap fee after subsidy is paid by the government in the Primary carers profile. This will stop full fees from being withdrawn on the account. 
  • Fixed Limit instructions here:
  • Click here for instructions on how to add a fixed limit payment plan for your family. 

What next?

The government will be fixing the bug and releasing an update to stop this error from occurring in February 2019.  

Click here for information on how to check for the CCS annual capacity.