Ceased or Disputed Enrolment Steps


What is ceased?

The government ceased the enrolment due to inactivity at the service for 8 weeks or more. 

What is disputed?

The family disputed the enrolment from MyGov.

If a family has got a Ceased or Disputed enrolment, you will need to create a new enrolment for the family to submit under (if they are still waiting for CCS). 

Steps for creating new enrolments:

  • Ensure there are bookings in the Master Roll for the child
  • OR create a dummy booking in the Master Roll - If the family has no bookings in the next 8 weeks but you still need a new enrolment to submit for subsidy, you will need to create a dummy booking on Master Roll

Then, create a new CCS agreement:

Next is the parent steps:

  • Primary carer to sign in Xplor account on web.myxplor.com
  • At this point admin can remove the dummy booking if you created one
  • Primary carer to confirm enrolment in MyGov (do not dispute based on start date as can be changed)
  • Click here for article on parent steps in MyGov and Xplor

Lastly, when the CWA is at confirmed:

  • You can backdate the enrolment (via the "+ Actions"> "Update enrolment start date" buttons)
  • and/or submit for CCS subsidy (if the start date encompasses the submission dates) (CCS submissions tab > Select Child > Use arrows to go to the date > Click "Run submissions")

If you are unable to backdate an enrolment due to an 'overlapping enrolment' please contact support. This may be because of the past ceased enrolment and may require technical support. 

If you require more information please contact support!