Office Web: Dashboard Widgets

The dashboard currently contains the below widgets:

  • Revenue - Overview of revenue per day at the service. 
  • Centre Bookings - Breakdown of bookings per day. 
  • Room Attendance - The ratio of children in each room.
  • Top Debtors and Creditors - Quick view of the accounts owing and credit amounts. 
  • Xplor Release Notes - Link to the most recent release notes.
  • My Checklist - List of to do items only the account holder can view and add. 
  • Birthday List - List of birthdays for the children active at your service.
  • Quicklinks for Reports - Link to the most useful reports for your service.
  • Booking Notifications - Notifications of booking requests, you may use this tab to approve or disapprove of a booking request.
  • Child Observations - A running list of the observations being posted by educators.


Booking Notifications:

If you click "Action" next to the booking notification.


Fill in the information accordingly and either "Create" or "Clear" action. 


My Checklist:

Create a new task > Click "New Task" and fill in the space available.Checklist.png

Birthday List:

Toggle the days to view which children's birthdays are when. You may also Export the birthday list as a spreadsheet.