Dashboard Widgets

The dashboard currently contains the below widgets:

  • Revenue
  • Centre Bookings
  • Room Attendance
  • Top Debtors and Creditors
  • Release Notes
  • My Checklist
  • Birthday List
  • Quicklinks for Reports
  • Child Observations



The revenue section breaks down the income for the current day.

Daily fees are calculated based on the fees of the children booked in the Master Roll for the current day.

If the rostering functionality is being used, Daily Wages will be calculated based on the data here.

The Total Profit is the daily fees less the daily wages. 


Centre Bookings

This shows the overall centre occupancy use over the last 14 days. 

Hover over one of the bars to view the date, booking numbers and remaining places for that day.


Room Attendance

This will display an occupancy used percentage as broken down by rooms in the service. This percentage represents the current day occupancy. 

Click on one of these figures to view a breakdown of sign ins and outs for the day, the total capacity of the room and how many bookings have been made for the day.


Top Debtors and Creditors

This is a quick view of the accounts that are owing to most or have the greatest credit amounts. Use the toggles in the top right hand corner to move between these two lists. If the service has SMS switched on use the speech bubble icon to send a text notification to the family regarding their account. More information about the content of these texts can be found here. 

Further, the tray-arrow icon can be used to download the parent's statement as a PDF.


Release Notes

Each week, we will send out release notes. This includes the latest fixes, features and updates to the platform. This widget summarises the latest updates and provides a link to the current and past updates that have been sent out.



My Checklist

This is to-do list of items only the account holder can view and add. 

Create a new task > Click "New Task" and fill in the space available.


Birthday List

The birthday list will display the name, age and room of any child who is having their birthday that day. Users have the ability to toggle through one week of days to also check birthdays that have just passed or are coming up.

The 'Export Birthdays' button will download a spreadsheet of all active or waitlist children with their name, ID, Gender, date of birth, current age and room name. 


Quicklinks For Reports

This widget provides a link to our most popular reports. You can toggle between Locked Period, Service and Contact reports. Click on the report of interest to be redirected to the download page.


Child Observations 

This displays a running summary list of the observations being posted by educators.