B2B Device Activation Codes

What is a B2B Device Activation code? 

A 'Business to Business' Device Activation code allows your services to submit attendances to the government through Xplor.

Why do we need to refresh the code? 

The Government requires providers to track and refresh their Device Activation codes every 6 months, under the new Child Care Subsidy system. If you do not refresh your codes, they will expire and you will be unable to submit for Child Care Subsidy.

How do I refresh my B2B Device Activation codes? 

Here are the detailed instructions on how to update your B2B Device Activation codes in PRODA.

How do I communicate the new codes with Xplor? 

Send the below information in an email to [email protected], so we can update your details in the system. 

  • Device Name
  • Updated Device Activation Code
  • Organisation ID

Please include a screenshot and a copy paste of the information. 

It is recommended to complete and provide the new B2B Device Activation code two weeks prior to the expiration date to avoid a delay in Child Care Subsidy payments.