CCS: Annual subsidy capacity

The family was notified of their annual capacity in their CCS approval notice.

Click here to read the government information about Child Care Subsidy capacity.

Click here if you think the annual capacity is incorrect.

What is the Annual Capacity?

  • The annual capacity tells a family if the government will cap the Child Care Subsidy.
  • This depends on the family's income estimate.
  • There’s no annual cap on subsidy if the family income is estimated at $186,958 or less.
  • If your estimate was more than $186,958 and under $351,248, your annual cap is $10,190.
  • This cap applies to each child in care for each financial year.

How do I know what a family's annual capacity is?

When the government finalised the families claim for CCS subsidy, they sent the family a notice (also known as the 'CCS approval letter') to let them know the outcome of their claim and whether the family will receive as CCS. If the family received letters online, they will have sent it to the family's MyGov Inbox.

The approval notice included:

  • if they are eligible for CCS subsidy
  • the amount of child care fee assistance the family will get
  • the annual cap that applies to the family
  • the withholding amount

Please contact Centrelink if you need a new approval letter. 

How to check if the CCS capacity has been reached in Xplor?

  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Search child and click the child's name > Under the heading "CCS government enrolment' click "View Entitlements" in blue writing > Here you will see 'Annual Cap' "Yes" or "No."
  • For more information please view the below image.


Incorrect CCS capacity

  • Some children may receive an incorrect annual cap
  • This is because of incorrect government data being sent to Xplor
  • If one of your families are in this position, please apply a 'fixed limit' to their payment schedule of their gap fee amount they pay each week. This will stop the system taking full fees from the family on billing day. 
  • The CCS weekly payments will continue to be paid weekly, but only after submissions on a Friday.
  • Before submissions, it will appear as if CCS has 'dropped off' as the estimates will not be showing on the account
  • This issue is due to be fixed in February 2019