How to create a new child profile without enrolment form

This page will walkthrough:

- How to manually "ADD" child at your service (without the enrolment form).

- How to create or link a parent profile to the child


Create the Child Profile
  • Go to "Profiles" > "Children" > Click "Add" in the top right hand corner of the page.


  • It will generate a blank profile page where you can enter known information on their profile, then press "Save" (you can save even if the profile is incomplete or will need to be completed later). If you need guidance adding information, please see our support page on this.
  • For children claiming CCS, please make sure the CRN, DOB and name are entered (CRN must contain 9 numbers and a capital letter e.g. 123456789C)
  • If you are just entering in a child's details in preparation for a future enrolment date you can select 'waitlist' to put them on the waitlist or 'inactive' if they are not currently active at your service. The profile will automatically become active once the Enrol. Start Date comes to pass. 
Link a Primary Carer to the child
  • Go to the Parent/Guardian tab > Click either "Create New Parent" (to add details for an entirely new parent at your service) or "Link Existing Parent" (to add details of a parent who already has a profile/email registered at the service) to create a new profile. 
  • Link Existing Parent will generate a pop up box where you can search the parent email or the parent name and then click "Add" 
  • Please press "Save" to cement the parent profile.