Updates: Parents and Guardians Menu

Prodadmin updates - Released 23rd November 2018

As part of our recent Prodadmin updates, we have created a new "Parent and Guardian" menu, which will allow your service more control and transparency over parent/guardian profiles at your service. These changes will impact anyone using prodadmin.myxplor.com/elc (administrators).

Entire_Menu.png         Screen_Shot_2018-11-23_at_11.54.32_am.png


Please note the main changes for Administrators in Prodadmin:

1. Profiles > Children > Parent/Guardian tab

  • Under the Parent/Guardian tab, you will be able to view the basic parent/guardian profile/s that is linked to the child.
  • If you would like to make changes to this profile, you will have to go into the 'Parents and Guardians' menu, instead of make changes in the Parent/Guardian Tab.
  • You can click "View Parent Profile" (The blue button below the profile) to quickly view the entire parent profile and make changes if required.
  • You can "Create New Parent" or "Link Existing Parent" (formerly 'Add existing') to children under this tab.
  • Primary Carer is selected and/or changed under this tab.


2. Profiles > Parents and Guardians Menu > View List of Parents

  • Under the Parents and Guardians Menu, you will be able to access an entire list of all your parent profiles registered to your service. 
  • You will be able to 'search' all your existing parent profiles in this tab, as well as "add" new parent profiles or "delete" old parent profiles.
  • You will be able to filter this list by three different types of parent profile statuses. This can help you figure out which profiles are being used and/or which profiles are 'floating' without being connected to any children.
    • 'Linked' means that the parent profile is connect to a child's profile at your service.
    • 'Unlinked' means that the parent profile is not connected to any child profile at your service.
    • 'Linked at another service' means that the parent profile is linked to another child under a different service under your provider (*This option is only available to providers with multiple services*)
  • 'P' means the parent is a primary carer.



Frequently Asked Questions

How to view a child's linked parent/guardian

  • Go to Profiles > Children > Search Child Account > Go to Parent/Guardian Tab > View Parent/Guardian Basic Profile


How to edit an existing Parent/Guardian profile 

  • Option 1: Go to Profiles > Children > Search Child Account > Go to Parent/Guardian Tab > View Parent/Guardian Basic Profile > Select "View Parent Profile" > This will take you through to the entire parent/guardian profile, which you can then edit and save.View_Parent_Profile_.png
  • Option 2: Go to Profiles > Parents and Guardians Menu > Select Parent from List > View or Edit Profile > If any changes are made click 'Save' at the bottom of the page to ensure they are cemented.


How to add a new parent profile to your service

  • Profiles > Parents and Guardians Menu > Add (blue button top right) > In the blank profile enter the parent details > Click save at the bottom of the page.


How to link an existing parent profile to a child

  • Profiles > Children > Select Child > Parent/Guardian Tab > 'Select Link Existing Parent' > Search parent name from list > Click 'Add' next to their name. Once the parent is added, click save at the bottom of the page. 


  • If you cannot find the parent in the 'link existing parent' button: Go to Profiles > Parents and Guardians Menu > Search Parents Name (you can filter this list by 'linked' 'unlinked 'linked at another service') > Search if the parent exists at all, find the correct name so that you ensure you are searching the right name in the search box.


  • If you still cannot find the parent you may need to create a new parent profile via the above steps and then link the parent to the child.

How to unlink a parent profile from a child

  • Go to Profiles > Children > Click Child > Parent/Guardian Tab > Above parent profile click 'Unlink Parent' (red button). Then press 'Save' at the bottom of the page to cement changes.
  • You wont be able to 'unlink' a primary carer from a child, please change the primary carer over before you unlink a parent from a child (you may have to do this via a balance adjustment if the account is not at $0.00).


How to delete an old parent profile

  • Go to Profiles > Parents and Guardians Menu > Search Parent name > Click 'Delete' next to the parent name.
  • You cannot delete a primary carer or a linked profile.


  • The profile will either delete successfully, or it will will show a pop-up message at the top of the screen that reads "Parent cannot be deleted as it is linked with another child. Please unlink the parent before deleting."


  • If this warning occurs, this means you will have to locate the child the parent is linked to and 'unlink' the parent (via the steps above) before you can delete this parent profile. Press 'Ok' to continue.