Why does the CCS Payments report not match what I have received in my bank account?

The CCS Payments report (located under Reports > CCS Reports > Provider-Level CCS/Service Level CCS > + Select a Report... > Payments/CCS Payments) shows all payments the government has made to your childcare centre for children's sessions of care for a specific week.

The sum of these payments may not necessarily match the amount deposited in your bank account following the initial submission of session reports for that week. This is because payments can be made at any time following that initial submission for this week of care based on variance reports being submitted ("resubmissions" of children's changed bookings and attendances), children's entitlements changing or initial submissions being made for this week at a later date.

You can see the actual date that a CCS payment for this week was made under the Date Paid column. The sum of the payments made on a specific date should match the lump sum deposited in your bank account on that date but other payments for this week's submission may have been deposited on other dates.

If the sum of payments for a certain date do not match the amount deposited into your bank account on this date is is likely the government is withholding subsidies due to outstanding debt you may have. Xplor does not have any oversight over this withholding and advise that you contact the CCS Helpdesk on 1300 667 276.