How to reactivate ceased government enrolments

The government can cease a CCS enrolment of a child for a variety of reasons, for example if a child does not attend care or have submissions against that enrolment for eight weeks.

In order to reactivate a CCS enrolment a new enrolment will need to be submitted to the government.

Please go to the Child Care Subsidy tab and then to the Government Enrolments tab. Search for the child's name and then click on it. This should bring up the child's CCS enrolment/s. Please remember to click the "All" button in the top righthand side of this box to view all enrolments, not just active ones.

Click + New CCS Enrolment and ensure that the routine sessions set up are correct. Click Create.

Please advise the parent to follow the following steps to approve this new CWA;

  1. Please use a computer and Google Chrome (otherwise the CWA may not show up correctly)
    Primary Carer logs into
  2. If you have multiple children, click on the first child you would like to approve a CWA.
  3. Click "View CCS approvals" on the left hand side of the screen.
  4. If there is a CWA to sign, look over the bookings and fees, click "Accept".
  5. If there is not a CWA, inform your centre admin, so they can update your enrolment.
  6. If you are approving CWAs for multiple children, please click Children on the left hand side menu, then click the child you next want to approve, then "View CCS approvals".

This approved CWA will be sent to the government. They will then reactivate the enrolment and you will be able to submit against it again.