Release Notes: 12th October 2018

Dear Services,

We have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services.

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Important Notices

Support Desk Phone Lines - November 16

We would like to inform customers that support desk phone lines will be closed from 3-5pm AEDT on 16 November 2018 for our Playground Launch.

During this time, Support Chat and Support Email will be functioning as per usual.

If you would like to join us at our November 16 Playground Launch in Melbourne, register here

Expiring CCS Estimates Reminder

We would like to remind services that CCS estimates that are unpaid by the government will expire after 2 weeks.

We ask that services inform parents that this will impact their accounts by increasing their debt to the service. 

This Week's Updates 

Educator Shift Start/End on Hub

Coming early next week, We are pleased to announce the release of a highly anticipated feature, educator shifts on the Hub.

Starting and ending shifts is now as easy as signing in and out children. First educators will need to register and create a pin-code.

Educators will then be able to sign-in with their pin-code and phone number (similar to parents) and then proceed to start and end their shifts.

To find out more about this feature, please visit the Knowledge Base.

Child Age on the Master Roll

Services will now be able to view a child's age on the Master Roll, right next to their name and date of birth.

This will help services identify the age of children in specific rooms and at a service level.

Account Pop-up in Scheduled Payments

Services will now be able to access the parent account pop-up from the scheduled payment screen.

This will enable services to cross-check upcoming scheduled payments with parent accounts to get a better understanding of how a parent's deductible amount came about.

Provider Level ISS Cases and Claims

We are releasing provider-level CCS reports to help our enterprise customers with many services more easily generate bulk reports.

For those users with access, these reports can be found under Government Rebates > CCS Provider Reports.

This week, provider-level ISS Cases and Claims report, showing detailed information relating to ISS cases, related claims and payments, is available to Provider Admin and Super Admin level users.

Locked Period Reporting

The team is working to bring locked period accounting options to our range of reports.

These reports differ from our current reports in that they only show transactions that physically occurred within a given time period, and do not display transactions that occurred in other periods that apply to that period.

The following reports are currently available exclusively to our Beta testing customers:

  • Locked Period Aged Debtors - In Beta 07 Sept
  • Locked Period Revenue Report - In Beta 19 Sept
  • Locked Period Financial Adjustments Report - In Beta 28 Sept
  • Locked Period Parent Transactions Report - In Beta 28 Sept
  • Locked Period Prior Period Adjustments - In Beta 10 Oct 

Upcoming Releases

Navigation Changes

We have some upcoming changes to the navigation in Office Admin which will help users navigate to the pages and content they need more easily.

Dashboard Widgets

Upcoming changes to the Admin dashboard including brand new widgets that provide quick access to useful insights for services.


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