Educators - How to set up an access code

Starting and ending shifts is now as easy as signing in and out children. In order for educators to sign in and out, administrators will need to make shifts for their educators using our rostering.

Educators will need to register and create a PIN. Educators can then sign in with their PIN and phone number, then start and end their shift.


1. Welcome Email - when an admin creates your educator profile, you will receive a welcome email to set up your account which is valid for 7 days. 


2. Click "Create Account"

3. Create Password


4. Create PIN/Access code (4 Digits)


5. Enter Mobile Number


Note: If you already have an existing Xplor ID that you want your educator profile to be inked to, just click "I already have an account". If the existing Xplor ID is not matching the email address attached to the educator profile, you have to contact Xplor support.