Service Login Details: HUB & Playground App

When do I use the Service Login?

  • The HUB service login
  • The Playground App Service login 

Please read the information below to understand exactly what the service login details are for and who to make these details available to at your service:

1. HUB Service Login

The HUB is the iPad at the entrance of your centre, which allows parents and guests to sign-in and out. When you want to enable parent and guest access, you will be required to enter the Service Login details. This is where you can enter the Username and Password that you created through the email sent to your service when you first joined the platform - or read the information below to locate. Please give these details to anyone needing access to setting up the HUB at your service.

2. Playground App Service Login 

The Playground App requires all educators to sign-in firstly via the Service Login Details. All educators using the Playground App will need to know the Service Login Details and their own educator details.

Where to find and reset the Service Login?

Service Login Username:

The Username is found under Profiles > Services > Click Service > View Username.

To update the Username please contact Support. 



Service Login Password Reset:

To reset the password go to Profiles > Services > Click "Reset Password" next to the service name and a reset email will be sent to the email as found under Profiles > Services > Click service > View Email under the heading "Contact Email".


Service Contact Email:

This email is where enrolment forms and username resets will be sent to.

The email is found under Profiles > Services > Click Service > View Contact Email.

To update the email please enter in the new Contact Email > Press Update at the bottom of the page.

If you need any further assistance please reach out to our Support Team