CCS: Missing CCS subsidy

If a child at your service is missing CCS subsidy, please follow the below steps to troubleshoot. 

Please ensure the CWA says "CWA CONFIRMED" before commencing these steps - If it says anything else, for example "Pending Eligibility" please read this article.



1. Check which dates the child has not received CCS subsidy. You can do this via the:

  • Master Roll (by scrolling through the weeks and Checking CCS submissions for the child)
  • Statement transactions section (checking that Weekly CCS subsidy has been paid for each attendance week on the statement)
  • CCS Payments Report (go to the CCS payments report to view the subsidy amount paid by the government for that week)
  • CCS Submissions tab (check if there has been a processed submission for that week)


2. Check if there have been CCS submissions for those weeks you have identified:

  • Go to Child Care Subsidy > CCS submissions > Search Child >Scroll through weeks to see if there is a "Processed" or "Received" submission. 
  • If yes, check the submissions bookings, times and fees, to see that they are in line with the child's attendance for week. If they are not correct, please run the submission again. 
  • If no, continue to the below step. 


3. Put through the submission in the CCS submissions tab, first check that the enrolment is backdated.CCS

  • Firstly, check that the enrolment is backdated to prior to the dates you want to submit or submit again. Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Search Child > Select the 'CWA Confirmed' enrolment > '+ Actions' > 'Update Enrolment start date' > Enter date and reason > Done. 
  • Then, go to the 'CCS submissions' tab under government rebates and follow these steps.

Finally, to check the submission has worked:

  • The submission should now say "Received" this means that the attendances have been sent to the government. 
  • If the submission says "Processed" this means that the government has previously received the same attendances and has nothing new to process.
  • If the submission does not work or appear, please check that the child has attendances for that week and/or check that the enrolment is backdated to that week start date. 


4. Once you have submitted to the government this means that the government will need to process and pay for those attendances. This can take up to a week to process. 

  • If you still have not received a payment from the government after a week, please call Centrelink to check that they have received those submitted attendances and to verify why the money has not been paid.