Release Notes: 27th September 2018

Dear Services,

We've listened to your feedback about our support, and we've worked hard to improve  our response time. Please email us with any issues.

We're here to help:

We also have some exciting announcements, features and improvements to share with our services. Remember to stay subscribed to these emails to ensure you receive the latest updates on new features. You can add additional subscribers to our release notes here.

New App Release

Introducing Playground - The new educator application

Playground is the latest version of the most advanced learning system, is designed to make everyday tasks in your service faster and easier.

Available today as a free App download, Playground introduces new helpful experiences, including unlimited photos, videos, draft observations and offline modes for evacuations and emergencies keeping your service compliant.

Playground opens up a world of possibilities and helps you reduce administration so you can get back to teaching.

Learn more about playground here.

Download Playground by clicking on the links below:



This Week's Updates 

Service Logins in Office Admin are now suspended

On the 29th of March 2018, we announced that we would be removing access to 'Service Logins' to streamline our login process.

From today, We will be officially removing service login access to Admin, which is currently accessed at

To ensure that all users will continue to have access to Admin, all providers will be required to add "ELC Admin" users under their provider login. ELC Admin users login via this URL:

To add an ELC Admin, once logged in as a provider, select: Users > Add > and set username, first name, last name, and email address.

You can then select the 'Permissions' tab and set specific permissions for an individual user to limit their access to various sections of Office.

Please Note: The Service Login user type will continue to be used by the Hub and new Playground application to authenticate access to a child care service's data.

You can learn more about ELC users in our knowledge base article here.

Upcoming Releases 

Provider Level CCS Payments Report (28 Sept)

This report details the payments received by the services in the chosen provider for the chosen period. The report is locked period and will only display transactions that occurred within the selected date range based off Date Paid.  ("Date Paid" refers to the date which Office receives confirmation from the government regarding the remittance to the services. This is not the day that the funds were credited to the service.)

Can be accessed from Office from: Government Rebates > Provider CCS Reports > CCS Payments

Locked Period Reporting  

The team is working to bring locked period accounting options to our range of reports.

  • Locked Period Aged Debtors - Completed 07 Sept
  • Provider Level CCS Payments (Date Paid) - 28 Sept
  • Locked Period Revenue Report - Released to testing environment
  • Locked Period Prior Period Adjustments - Released to testing environment
  • Locked Period Financial Adjustments Report - Released to testing environment
  • Locked Period Parent Transactions Report - Released to testing environment

Educator Users and Permissions

We have some upcoming updates to users and permissions which will help users with multiple accounts better manage their login process.

Fees and Bookings

Upcoming changes to fees and bookings include better support for hourly session models, managing attendance and multiple sessions in one day.



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