CCS: Enrolment status guide

Meanings of CWA statuses in Government Enrolments

CCS Enrolment Status Notes



  • Enrolment is still in Office and has not been submitted to the government.
  • Parent has not yet agreed to the CWA.
  • Allow 6-8 hours for this status to update after parent approves the CWA.



  • CWA been approved by primary carer and the enrolment has been submitted to the government.
  • Primary carer now needs to login to MyGov and confirm the enrolment.


  • CWA been approved by primary carer and the enrolment has been submitted to the government. 
  • Primary carer now needs to login to MyGov to complete activity test and/or confirm the CCS enrolment. Click here for parent steps.

What happens if the status does not update after a long period of time?

  • This information is pulled from a government script, so we cannot do anything to speed up this process.
  • Please make sure the correct primary carer has completed all tasks on MyGov. 


  • Parent has completed all CCS steps!
  • CCS will be effective from the CCS enrolment start date.



  • Enrolment has been submitted to government but is missing child and/or parent DOB and/or CRN. 

How can this be fixed?

      1. Go to Profiles > Children and check the CRN and DOB.
        Please check this information is correct for both the primary carer and the child.

      2. Go to 'Government Enrolments' and press "Refresh" to ensure the most up to date information has pulled through.
        Ensure there are no "N/A" spaces in the 'Active Xplor Profile' and below child name before going to step 3. If there is, go back to step 1. 

      3. Click "+ Actions" on the CCS enrolment > Select "Send CRN and DOB". This will pull through the missing information if it is correct in the parent and child profile.
        If successful, the enrolment should sit on "Pending" or "Pending Eligibility".Screen_Shot_2019-09-05_at_5.29.08_PM.png


  • The primary carer has disputed the enrolment via MyGov. This will prevent any CCS payments from coming through.

What do I do if an enrolment has been disputed?

The parent have disputed the enrolment due to one of the reasons below: 

  1. Incorrect enrolment schedule (fees, session days and times)
    • Click on + Actions > Update Enrolment Schedule.

    • Get the parent to accept the CWA again, then confirm the enrolment on MyGov.

  2. Incorrect CCS enrolment start date
    • Legally, the CCS enrolment start date is the date the parent had first agreed to the CWA which may be different to the child's physical start date.
    • The start date can be backdated with a valid reason.

  3. Disputed by accident
    • Update the enrolment via either step 1 or 2, then ask the primary carer to log back into MyGov to confirm the enrolment.

You can also see this separate guide here


  • You will only find ceased enrolments if you click "All" button on the top right corner.
  • Government can cease a CCS enrolment if a child has not attended child care for 14 continuous weeks. 
  • This can happen if a child uses service only during vacation care. 

How do I reactivate a ceased enrolment?

  • You will need to create a new CWA for the child.
  • Once confirmed, you backdate the enrolment, and submit attendances from the date that it had ceased if necessary.