CCS: Draft, Pending, Received, Pending Eligibility, Confirmed

Meanings of CWA statuses in Government Enrolments


Enrolment is still in Xplor and is yet to be approved by the primary carer. The booking schedule can still be modified by the service via Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Search Child > "Actions" > "Update enrolment schedule" > Done.


Enrolment has been automatically sent to the government on the child's enrolment start date but the government received an incorrect CRN DOB or Name on the enrolment. Please go back to the parent and verify the information in the child and parent profile.


CWA been approved by primary carer in Xplor (on the parent portal) so the enrolment has been sent to the government. Parents now need to login to MyGov and confirm the enrolment. Once complete, these will then skip pending and move straight to confirmed.

*Parents should not dispute the enrolment based on the start date - you can only change the start date once they have confirmed the enrolment*

"Pending Eligibility" 

CWA has been approved by primary carer in Xplor (on the parent portal) and but the activity test has not been completed. Primary carer now needs to login to MyGov and complete the activity test.


CWA and enrolment been confirmed by the primary carer in MyGov and on Xplor. Now ready to receive subsidy.

To ensure the government can pay subsidy - Please ensure the enrolment is backdated to the correct start date if necessary and submitted for the attendance dates.