CCS Payments Report


The CCS Payments Report shows CCS payment amounts from the government from a selected period of time. 

This can be found under 'Reports' > 'CCS Reports' > 'Provider-Level CCS' OR 'Service Level CCS' > + Select a Report > '(CCS) Payments' report > Generate.

Please note:

  • Some children may have multiple payment entries for the week if there has been a recalculation in subsidy. 
  • It is possible for payment amounts to be a negative value (e.g. -$50.54). This means that the government has clawed back CCS payments.
  • Some reasons in CCS recalculation can be due to
    • Variance in submissions
    • Cessation of care (CCS will be clawed back if a child is absent on last day)
    • Change in parent entitlements
    • Initial over or underpayment
  • If the parent has any concerns about payments, please direct parents to contact Centrelink for more information
Excel Tips
  • Use the keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl + F' or 'Command + F' (on Apple computers) to search for CCS payments relating to a specific child
  • Select the entire "Amount" column > Formulas > AutoSum to find the total amount paid for the week
  • Select row 1 > Sort & Filter > Filter
    • This will generate drop-down menus next to the title of each column. You can choose to filter each column. 
Service-Level CCS vs Provider-Level CCS

Service-Level CCS 

  • Generates reports at a singular service level
  • This can be accessed by an 'Administrator' user who has permission to view this
  • Can only be viewed on a weekly basis, can select which week to view

Provider-Level CCS

  • Generates reports at the entire provider level
  • This is for providers who may own multiple services
  • This can only be accessed with the 'Provider' credentials
  • Can be viewed from any date range selected
Breakdown of Report 
Column Meaning
A - Service Name of your service
B - Service ID CCS Service ID
C - Clearing number Reference number for payment  
D - Week Start Week that the CCS payment relates to
E - Date Paid Actual date CCS was paid
F - Enrolment ID Child's CCS enrolment ID
G - Account Parent/guardian the CCS enrolment is under (primary carer of child)
H - Account ID Parent account Xplor ID
I - Child name Name of child
J - Child ID Child account Xplor ID
K - Main Transaction Code Government classifies payments according to main/sub transaction codes
L - Sub Transaction Code Government classifies payments according to main/sub transaction codes
M - GST Code GST Code
N - Amount Amount of CCS payment. A positive value indicates a payment, a negative value indicates the government has clawed CCS back
O - Financial Year

Financial year the CCS payment was made