CCS Submissions

The 'CCS submissions' tab displays session reports submitted to the government on a weekly basis. Office will automatically run submissions for each child with an active CCS enrolment at the end of each week. Automatic submissions will cover new/varied sessions in the last 14 days from the active CCS enrolment start date. 


Some scenarios where you will need to manually submit is if:

  • you have manually updated the CCS enrolment start date
  • you are submitting new sessions past the 14 day period, or submitting variances in sessions past the 28 day period
  • submissions have been processed previously against the incorrect CCS enrolment
  • you are submitting session reports against a ceased period
  • if you would prefer to immediately submit variances in sessions after making changes to the Master Roll instead of waiting for the automatic submissions. 

You can only submit attendances from the active CCS enrolment start date. If you need to submit earlier than the start date, you may need to backdate the child's CCS enrolment first.  

Submit Session Reports
  1. Ensure that the child's sessions and attendances have been updated on the Master Roll 
  2. "Child Care Subsidy" tab > "CCS Submissions" tab.
  3. Search child by first or last name (so they are the only child on the list).
    Note: Selecting the "All" button will reveal children inactive during the selected date range. 
  4. Search_bar_CCS.png
  5. Using the arrows, navigate to the week you need to submit on the calendar and select the Monday of that week. You can only submit on a weekly basis. 
  6. Ensure you have selected the child's name.
    Click +Actions to "Run Submissions" or "Force Submissions"
    Run Submissions: use this button for active CCS enrolments.
    Force Submissions: use this button for ceased or split care CCS enrolments, and additionally for mid-week primary carer changes. Screen_Shot_2021-06-03_at_4.23.38_pm.png
  7. If you are submitting outside of the approved submission window - 14-days for new submissions and 28-days to update current submissions - ensure you provide a valid late reason as this can be held for manual review by the department. In some cases, this may lead to delays in payments to the provider. 
    Press "Submit" Screen_Shot_2021-05-28_at_12.24.48_pm.png
  8. When forcing a submission use the drop-down arrows to select the Xplor Profile, the Government Enrolment ID you wish to submit against and enter your valid Late Submission Reason. Press "Submit" Screen_Shot_2021-05-28_at_12.25.01_pm.png
  9. Once you are done, the submission will appear as "Received". Please allow up to one week for this to update to "Processed" and account for any CCS changes.


  • You cannot submit a session report for the same enrolment ID if there is no variance to a "Processed" submission.
    If you are doing this in an attempt to receive CCS - this will not resolve the issue! If the parent is missing subsidy for a particular week despite a "Processed" submission, please get them to contact Centrelink directly.
  • Click here to troubleshoot any error messages. 
  • If there are two submissions for a week under different government enrolment ID's, please check both the enrolment IDs, one will match the Confirmed CWA as seen in the Government Enrolments tab - you can withdraw the one connected to the incorrect enrolment ID.
  • Please fill and submit this form to the department if you desire to submit, vary, or withdraw sessions report from a previous financial year. 
Withdraw Session Reports

If you would like to withdraw a submission, first check the enrolment ID to ensure you are removing the correct submission. Then, press the "+ Actions" button, then "Withdraw Submission" and fill in the pop-up comment. Read the warnings and enter a valid reason. Press "Submit".

Please note that Withdrawing sessions are only recommended for the following reasons:

  • Wrong CCS enrolment ID 
  • Change to a child's Primary Carer 
  • If advised by Centrelink
  • If you have removed bookings off the Master Roll for the relevant week




Troubleshooting Error Messages

You may or may not have come across red government error messages when attempting to submit session reports in the ‘CCS Submissions’ tab. 

Please see the table below for a summary of what each error message means and what to do if you come across these error messages. 

Error Message Reason/s What to do

Government error message: Contents must differ to previous Session Report for Action 'VARY'

Session reports have already been submitted for the week. There is no need to re-run submissions for the week, as there have been no changes (e.g. fees, session times) to the original submission. 

If you need to update the existing session report for the week, please make sure you update the bookings for the child on the Master Roll first, then go back and run submissions.  

There is no need to re-run submissions if there has been no changes to the original submissions. If you are doing this in an attempt to receive CCS payments on behalf of the parent, this is not the solution. Please get the parent to reach out to Centrelink to query payments for the week. 

Government error message: Field ISPRESCHOOLPROGRAM must not be populated


1) The child has accidentally been placed in a preschool type room and 

Please note: Children should only be placed in a 'pre-school type' room if the child is eligible for the preschool program. 

2) Your service has not been registered for the preschool program.

1) Check the room the child is booked into. Check Settings > Service Settings > Room Settings > update the room "Type". Once updated, submit attendances again. 

2) Contact CCS Help Desk to confirm if your service is registered for the preschool program 

No submissions were processed for this child. Please ensure their CCS enrolment start date is prior to the dates for submission, and they have bookings and attendances in the Master Roll. 

1) Child’s CCS enrolment dates do not cover the week that you trying to submit for. 

1) Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + View Occurrences. Have a look at the dates. You may need to update the CCS enrolment start date so that it covers the week you are attempting to submit for. Make sure that this new start date does not overlap with any Ceased occurrences. If it does, please get in contact with Support. 

2) You are trying to submit against a Ceased enrolment/occurrence

2) Go to Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > select child > + View Occurrences. Have a look at the dates. If the period you are trying to submit for covers a Ceased occurrence, please go back to CCS Submissions and Force Submission through instead. 

3) Child does not have an active CCS enrolment

3) Please ensure that the parent has agreed to the CWA. You can only submit session reports if the child has a CCS enrolment.

4) Child does not have bookings in the Master Roll, therefore no sessions to submit. 

4) If this is incorrect, make sure you update and add the child’s booking on the Master Roll. 

Government error message: Start Time/End Time must not overlap with other Sessions on the same day

The child has two bookings in the Master Roll (e.g. BSC and ASC), and the attendance times are overlapping.

Go to Master Roll > scroll back to the week you are attempting to submit for > click on each booking and check the “Attendance”. Update the times and save. Attempt to submit sessions again. 

Government error message: Attendance time in and time out cannot be the same

The child's attendance sign in time and sign out time is the same for a particular day. 

Go to Master Roll > scroll back to the week you are attempting to submit for > click on each booking and check the “Attendance”. Update the times and save. Attempt to submit sessions again. 

CCS Enrolment submission error: Error - "Government error message: Difference between End time and Start time on next day cannot be > 12Hr" 

 The CWA has a session that has an overnight time period greater than 12 hours

 Go to the Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Find the child > View parent approval (to see the error).

To correct the error: Child Care Subsidy > Government Enrolments > Find the child > +Actions > Update enrolment schedule > Check the sessions > Save > Get the parent to sign the CWA

If you are unable to to troubleshoot any of these error messages, please get in contact with the Support team. 

Viewing and Resolving CCS Submission Errors

Office surfaces errors, for both the current week of submissions and historical weeks, when viewing a child’s week of sessions on the CCS submissions page. This article explains how to access that information and what it means.

Viewing CCS Submissions Errors

To view the CCS submissions page and any errors for the selected week:

  1. Log in to Office, click Child Care Subsidy and then CCS Submissions
  2. Session data for the current week’s worth of submissions will be displayed, along with the list of active children from your centre. To select another week, use the date selector.

3. To filter on any weeks not submitted, or any submittable weeks with errors, use the Filter dropdown menu.


4. To view a particular child’s week of sessions, click on the child’s name from the list on the left

5. When viewing a child’s sessions on the CCS submissions page, you will be able to see:

  • The status of the submission (RECEIVED, PROCESSED, WITHDRAWN, NOT SUBMITTED or HAS CHANGES). If you hover over the status, it will tell you what it means
  • The child’s CCS enrolment ID for that submittable week
  • When it was first and last submitted
  • A list of any errors identified by Office or the government for that submittable week
  • The Actions drop-down menu (please see below for more information)
  • The show raw government record, which is the data provided to the government.


Run and Force Submission

If you wish to run or force a submission, you can do so by clicking the + Actions drop-down as shown below:


If you are submitting within 14 days after the end of the week when care was provided, click Run Submission.

Submissions can be updated until 28 days after the start of the week to which the submission relates (or until the end of the financial year, whichever occurs sooner).

Force Submissions will attempt to submit for the selected week against a ceased enrolment.

Submissions will only run if the enrolment was active for this week prior to becoming ceased.


Export and Troubleshoot Errors

By clicking the icon shown below, you will be able given the option to download the CCS Submission Errors Report for the chosen week.



Once exported, the Error Report will provide an array of details to identify the cause of the CCS Submission Error.


Error Types

Office will flag certain errors for that week of submissions when viewing a child’s sessions for a particular week. These errors are surfaced for both the current week’s worth of submissions and historical submissions.

Error Message



A session for the current week is missing a start/end time


Review the booking on the Master Roll and enter a valid and correct sign-in/out time. 

Child has been signed in/out for the same time or the times are overlapping


Children and students with multiple bookings on the same day run the risk of having overlapping sign-in/out times. Review the affected booking on the Master Roll and enter a valid and correct sign-in/out time.

Child has attendances outside their CCS enrolment start and/or end date (for current submittable 2 week period)


The Master Roll has bookings prior to, or after, the child's CCS Enrolment dates; found in the Government Enrolment Tab > + View Occurrences
You can backdate with this support guide.
Note: This error will also appear if the child does not have any CCS Enrolment. 


After submission, if the government found any errors in the selected CCS submittable week, Office will attempt to display those on the CCS submissions page.

Note: Office does not receive government errors prior to a week being submitted. Errors will not be identified until after a submission has gone through.


Previous Financial Years

If you need to submit, update, or withdraw sessions for a child in a previous financial year, you will need to get permission from the Government by submitting what is called a Dispensation. 

This form is the channel by which providers apply to the department to make changes in a previous financial year to ensure that there is no financial impact on child care providers and families.

The Dispensation application process seeks to ensure changes to the previous year session reports are permitted only in appropriate circumstances and in accordance with the department’s policies and processes. 

We recommend calling the CCS helpdesk prior to completing the dispensation to ensure it is the best course of action. You can find more information and the Dispensation form HERE.